Experts in South Asian Ceremonies

Are you ready to become the complete wedding professional?

The answer will be YES, after attending the South Asian Shaadi Summit this November 8-11! Become equipped with the tools necessary to plan, execute and market to this booming eclectic growing market.

This remarkable conference is hosted by Electric Karma International, under the direction of its owner Therese Hubbs. Therese is the leading authority on South Asian weddings. She, along with highly respected wedding professionals from across the country, will share openly their knowledge and expertise with attendees. Learn how to enter and excel your business through strategic marketing and sales techniques that will propel you into becoming a leader and give you the self-assurance necessary to sell these clients.

The business of these cultural weddings is very detailed and requires confidence, understanding and commitment. It is the goal of the Shaadi Summit to provide comprehensive classes covering pre-ceremony rituals, the wedding and celebratory events associated with planning and executing these elaborate lifetime occasions.

In addition to learning sessions, you will receive a Master Manual outlining the points of the conference. Three beautiful crafted fashion shows will explain how styles differ across the country and the impact they have on the design of the wedding. Dancing is an essential element in all of the wedding celebrations. Be exposed to the different dance styles, alternative entertainment options, and learn the basic moves. Understand the sounds of the regions from ceremony music to the influence of Bollywood magic. Experience the flavors, the beauty and the exhilaration of these celebrations yourself. Take part and enjoy a traditional Sangeet, Garba, and a dinner reception all included in your registration.

This summit will supercharge you and your business to a level you never thought possible. ARE YOU READY!! Register today!

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